Facts About Fitness And Exercise For Seniors

As you age, it becomes very important to maintain your fitness levels. Because if you don’t, your body will become vulnerable to disease and injury.

Regular exercise can help you increase energy, refresh your mind, stave off disease and even reverse aging to some extent. Knowing the following facts should help:

All seniors must understand that they absolutely MUST exercise

They must stop procrastinating because of fitness barriers like medical conditions or psychological blocks and get a move on.


There are exercises that suit every age group – so, if you are a senior who’s unsure how to start, consult a fitness instructor to get going because you’re never too old to exercise.

  1. There’re plenty of myths out there like “seniors must not exercise because they need to save up on energy,” and “exercise will make me fall down and sustain injury,” and “I have a disability.” All these are bunk because as we said earlier there’s always an exercise for every age group, and every disability. And, remember, exercise will boost your immunity levels, so even if you fall down while working out, your new and improved immune system will help you recover.
  2. Exercise can work wonders for all age groups, seniors included. Here are some key benefits of working out:
    (a) You lose weight or maintain it
    (b) Your immune system gets a leg up
    (c) Your flexibility, agility, perseverance and strength levels improve
    (d) Your sleep improves
    (e) Your mood and self-confidence levels get enhanced
    (f) Your brain function improves
  3. Seniors must start off on a regimen of aerobics or cardio workouts, which deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues and remove waste. They should also include strength training because muscle mass sags with age and all seniors need to build up their strength. They must also consult their trainer and work on enhancing their flexibility (stretching exercises) and balance.

So, what do experts recommend for seniors? Here’s a list:


  • Walking – all you need is shoes.
  • Swimming
  • Fitness classes that are specifically intended for seniors
  • Yoga
  • Natural HGH supplements or hgh releasers. Usually they are being produced as pills or sprays. Good brands that you can try are: Genf20 Plus (see full GenF20 plus review here), GenFX or Provacyl.

Chair-bound seniors can work out with free weights and resistance bands. They can also twist, bend and practice meditation. For enhancing endurance, they must sign up for pool-therapy and buy wheelchair-training machines.

So, how should seniors enjoy their fitness training regimen? Here’s how:


  • (a) By listening to music while working out
  • (b) By taking up fun and competitive sports like Golf or Tennis
  • (c) By learning photography – they can walk and click at the same time
  • (d) Socializing at a yoga class or at a seniors’ fitness camp
  • (e) Making friends and chatting with them at the gym
  • (f) Watching a movie while burning miles on the treadmill

All seniors must try and stay active at home and on the go by walking up and down the stairs, walking to the shop instead of taking the car, practicing balancing skills, doing neck rolls at home, doing push-ups against the wall, cleaning your house, running errands, lifting your grandchildren, gardening, lifting weights while watching TV, and more.

These are a few facts that should help.

However, before you start, get a medical clearance, take your medical conditions into account, start slowly, stay committed, and gradually increase intensity up to the point you can take it.

Keep an exercise log, stay motivated, and keep checking with your physical trainer, if you have one. Above all, have fun while working out.